• Delete rubric criteria. It is now possible to delete any unwanted rubric criteria. To delete a rubric criterion mouse over the criterion and select the button with the trash bin.

  •  Improved date picker. Select custom dates with a date-range picker. Both dates can be selected from a single calendar.

  • Students are gathered in a single table and the students are sorted by last name. If you are assigning an assignment to specific students from multiple classes all the students will appear in a single table. The list of student names are now sorted by last name.

  • Difficulty level indicator appears in search results. While searching for music, you can see the difficulty level of the music by the colored indicator. There are three colors: Green (Beginning, Very Easy, and Easy), Orange (Medium Easy, Medium, and Medium Advanced), and Red (Advanced).

  • Export with or without archived students. It is now possible to include or exclude removed students while exporting your gradebook. Check out Exporting gradebook data for more information.


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