As music educators, if we have the luxury of multiple teachers on a campus, we co-teach all our students, especially during marching season. Not having the ability to log in as ourselves and still access all the classes created for our program by one teacher is ridiculous, especially when we have administrative roles in SmartMusic. It's not very "smart".... Please make this fix a priority. 


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    John Gaertner

    I agree.  I was shocked to find out I could not add another teacher to a class I created.  Why do we even need all the director accounts if they are just going to have to log in as me anyway.  And anyone that logs in as me has all the administrative control that I do.  This is not a good system.

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    Samantha Tribley

    Agreed. My co-teacher should be able to see all my classes too -- just as you can in Google Classroom -- without having to login as me. We are co-teachers. He shouldn't have to have administrator access to see everything or assign anything.

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    Eric Ferguson

    I have been asking for this for three years!  my co-teacher and I share all of our school grade books, so it would make perfect sense if we could share classes in Smartmusic!

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    Jim Jolley


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