If I have an assignment that I don't allow late submissions on (I create a hard deadline cutoff for important tests like chair placements), but then go in after that and edit the assignment, and then allow them to turn in late or resubmit if they didn't like their score, the only way the students can do this is if I manually go in one by one and reassign it to them. Once an assignment is edited to "allow late submissions," that should then automatically allow all students who didn't submit anything to do it. If not, there needs to be a "reassign all" button, or reassign button that then shows a list of students and allows me to go through and click which students to reassign it to.

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    Sue Mark

    I've been BEGGING for this since last year! There MUST be a way to just reassign to all the students. Otherwise you have to create the assignment ALL OVER AGAIN. Too time consuming and not practical! Going in and reassigning to each individual takes way too much time. It stinks! Fix it or add to my list of hundreds another reason to leave SmartMusic and go to the competitor who has all these issues worked out already! 

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