I would like to be able to assign all of my class Essential Elements book 1, #42 (for example). But the movements available are #42, 42A, 42B, 42 Part 1, and 42 Part 2. This means I have to create a separate assignment for oboe players, horn players, and percussionists. Please make it so that these choices are made within the instrument selection rather than the song selection.

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    Mark White

    Yeah I also run into that issue a lot as well using Tradition of Excellence. I would advise maybe skipping that assignment for homework for the students. The other option in to play it in class only. The biggest challenge would be to create an entire oboe/french horn unit and class with all the correct assignments for that instrument.

    I actually have to do this over the summer for my french horn kids in a separate Smartmusic class. It's a lot of work but it will really help keep things organized in my gradebook rather things getting really cluttered with the rest of the instruments.

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