This issue sort of applies to two different parts of the program, so I'll go over each of them individually.

1. While not playing. When looking at the music sheets, there should really be an option to set the music into a single vertical page, rather than splitting apart the pages. Why? Because of the format. On a computer, it's easier to keep your pace with the page flowing down than repeatedly jumping to the top of the next page. At the very least, going to the next page should immediately jump to the top of the page, as being at the bottom and having to scroll up after changing pages is just a terrible UI decision. If you were reading a book, would you go from the bottom of the left page to looking at the bottom of the right page and skim your way up to the top? No, of course not.

2. While playing. I think it would be a good idea if the music was presented in a way where the sheet slowly rises, allowing players to continually look down at the next staff line, rather than jumping up and down between two lines. It's extremely unnatural to play as if each two lines were on their own separate pages. In my opinion, it promotes bad reading of music, as students aren't able to practice reading music as if it were on an actual sheet. Some people may want to keep the current way, so I think that this should really be optional instead of a fixed change, though it's something that should definitely be implemented.

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    Steve Mills

    Absolutly agree with #2 (and #1).  As a "performer", not a "student" user of SmartMusic this would be FAR more useful.  I also use MobileSheetsPro on my tablet. That has speed-adjustable vertical scroll and a 'half-sheet-down' options; that latter can be triggered with a foot pedal.  Aaaah....

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