Currently, not all takes are accessible after recording. There are ten takes that you can go back to - 5 that are your "Most Recent" takes, and 5 that have your "Best Scores". The problem with this is that a lot of assignments are difficult, and require more than 10 takes. The current system may seem efficient in its use, but there is a glaring flaw with it. Recordings that don't fit assignment criteria are still counted in the "Best Scores" section. This means that if I practice at a slower tempo until I can actually play the assignment well, I can become limited to only the past 5 takes, if I can't overcome my fifth best practice score with a valid score. In my experience, I often don't reach those scores with valid tempos, as it becomes much more challenging. Being unable to go back and pick my best valid score after a long period of attempting the assignment is extremely frustrating.

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    I agree with the above post.  In addition to that.  When a student clicks "save" it doesn't save the take of that assignment to SmartMusic.  It merely saves that take of that assignment to the device on which they played it.  So if they play an assignment on Monday night and get a 90% and save it but want to come back and try to get 100% on Tuesday night but they don't, they only way they can get the 90% score to the teacher is to email it to them.  They aren't able to click "submit" and submit it to the teacher as they would any other take.

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