There needs to be more "movie music" in the SmartMusic library.  There are only 55 in the library at the time of this post, and some of those are duplicates.


Movie music was my "gateway drug" to classical music as a kid.  Students love playing it.  There really need to be more selections to choose from.

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    Peter Flom

    Hi Jesse,

    My name is Peter Flom, and I help manage the Repertoire Development team here at MakeMusic. I wanted to respond to this because first and foremost, I agree with you that SmartMusic should have more movie music. I also grew up playing the hits from movies and television - I think I even had a couple movie compilation books to play outside of my practice time. In my view, music like this is invaluable for the developing musician, and for many students, it's the very reason they use SmartMusic outside of class.

    I noticed you pointed out that SmartMusic shows 55 titles in the Movie category. If you're referring to the 'Movies' list that appears on the Find Music page in New SmartMusic, that is actually a curated list created in-house by our developers, and there may be many other movie titles in SmartMusic that aren't on that list right now. You can find additional movie content by performing a search and setting the Genre field to Soundtracks and Musicals. Now, that'll be a much larger catalog because it has more than just movie music, but it should be pretty easy to glance through and recognize all our content from films. If you have a specific title in mind, try searching for a keyword from the title as well - you'll find that our search page is a bit more forgiving than in the past!

    Finally, please know that we are adding new content all the time and popular content is no exception. We actually just released a piece yesterday which is an arrangement of a few songs from the popular Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen musicals on Broadway, and we have a lot of exciting work like this ahead of us!

    Ultimately, my hope is that you and your students alike will have a wealth of options in playing from our movie music library as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have a specific piece/movie/show in mind that you want us to find and develop for SmartMusic, I highly recommend reporting it via our Request New Repertoire page on our website. The request you send gets filed directly with my team - filling out this form allows us to manage customer requests and track interest in content so we can develop the music our customers want to play.


    Peter Flom
    Production Manager, Repertoire Development
    MakeMusic, Inc.

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