It would  be helpful if we could see if a student wrote comments on an assignment without going to each assignment.  Sometimes I just do auto grading because I don't have time to listen to each assignment.  But if a student is having issues or needs to leave a message for me, I tell them to leave a comment.  Unless I go to each assignment, I never see those comments.  If there was some time of symbol or their assignment was a different color or font to show from the gradebook grid that there was a comment left, then I wouldn't need to open every assignment to see the comments nor would I miss messages students were trying to send me.

It would also be helpful to go directly from the listening screen of a student's assignment to the next student or assignment like we were able to in the Classic version instead of having to go back to the grid every time.  It wastes time.

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    Emanuele Sellitri

    I completely agree with Lorrina. In my school we use the electronic register to solve this problem, but obviously we would prefer to use SmarrtMusic directly.

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