I would like the first thing my students see when they log into their Smartmusic Homepage to be the assignments that are currently due, and then any late or reassigned assignments. At the moment the top two tiles on their home screens are "Late" and "Reassigned" assignments. So, if a student is going into Smartmusic to complete an assignment that is due tomorrow, or in a few days, they have scroll down to "Pending Assignments." Many of my students simply do not take the time to scroll, and get confused (!). My work around for this has been to make all assignments due as soon as I assign them so that they will pop up in the first tile, the one marked as "Late." I also have practice-only assignments of their full band music and solos in the "Pending Assignments" section. These are assignments that they are never going to submit, and are merely there to enable them to use Smartmusic to practice their band music and solos. I don't want the weekly assignments I give them to get mixed up in those practice tool assignments. I suggest rearranging the tiles to be:

Upper left -- "Assignments Due in the Next Two Weeks" (or some shorter title)

Upper Right -- "Late and Reassigned Assignments"

2nd Row Left -- "Long-term Pending Assignments"


My work-around is functional, but I feel bad that when students look at their past assignments they are all showing as having been completed late.

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    Tyler Nettestad


    I think ONE box with ALL assignments could work, but need to be ordered by DATE DUE, and then LABELED and COLOR CODED:

    Green - Due

    Yellow - Reassigned

    Red - Past Due

    Additionally, there needs to be more assignments visible at a glance. Currently, only the first four assignments show up. This should be at least doubled so they can see more assignments at a time.

    My current issue is that I have a "pass-off" class that I assign all the songs from the method book at one time. They can complete these at their own pace, but are not necessarily time sensitive. This clutters up their pending assignments box. I think ordering them by due date would help. 


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