Maybe I am doing something wrong, but it seems like any time I edit an assignment template from the Assignments area- it doesn't update the edit in the gradebook (which is usually why I have an edit in the first place. I try to edit the titles so the Book number shows within the first few characters, b/c if I don't every assignment shows as "Accent" on my grade book and I can't see the assignment w/out clicking or hovering over it). 

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    Jon Cielinski

    Hi Lgrybel. Editing a template from the units page will change the template for future use, however it will not affect assignments already in your gradebook. Currently, there is not a way of editing the title of an assignment. To help prioritize this as a future option, I recommend voting on the thread for this feature on our feature request forum by clicking the up arrow at the top left of that page.

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