With SM now being web-based I was searching for an option other than my office desktop computer to provide students a place at school to perform their assessments (for those without internet or device that will run the new SM at home).  A colleague recommend setting up a ChromeBox station.

It's an easy set-up with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard (all surplus tech items for my building), some good speakers, a SmartMusic USB mic, and the ChromeBox.  Basically you are creating a Chromebook with much better audio and full sized peripherals.

Using a USB mic is the trick as there's only one 1/8" jack on the ChromeBox. This station is working fantastic and the audio is much better than I'm getting from many home devices.

There are a few companies that produce these ChromeBoxes (HP and Asus as examples).  You can even set the ChromeBox to "Kiosk Mode" so that the only place the kids can go is directly to the SM login page.  This is a great combination if you're looking for a practice room SmartMusic station!


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