I've been unable to access my Units page, so I thought maybe it was an internet problem at my school. After contacting SmartMusic to help, I got this in response:

"It appears that your Units page no longer loads properly due to having a very large number of assignment templates. Unfortunately, we do not have an immediate solution to allow you to access your assignment templates in this case. However, our developers have been working on a permanent solution to correct and to avoid this issue in the future. I am hopeful that their solution will be implemented soon, so I will keep your ticket on hold and let you know as I learn more."

I think I have a reasonable amount of assignments for someone who teaches multiple ensembles at two different schools. Also consider that SmartMusic doesn't streamline the task of assigning method book exercises, and I think my number of assignments is even more reasonable.

Now however, without warning, I can't access any of my Units or assignments and there's no fix in sight. I'll update this thread as I hear (or don't hear) from SmartMusic.


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    Jon Cielinski
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    Hi folks. I know this is definitely a severe issue for a lot of users, considering the amount of time put into creating your templates and units. I wanted to jump in to mention that working on the fix for this is absolutely our top priority at the moment. 

    To clarify - Creating new assignments for any immediate needs can certainly get you up and running in the meantime. However, once we have this issue resolved, your templates and units will still be available. 

    I'm pinning this thread to the top of the forum and will post an update as soon as I have some more information for you. 

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    Same here. Not a happy camper right now, especially since I need to create two more for marching band music that's supposed to be going out for student practice the beginning of net week. I spent close to 80 hours creating multiple units this past summer. If they are gone ....... (insert &*%$# here)

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    Matt Barr

    Update: this problem has been resolved for me, and hopefully everyone else, too. Chad reached out to me to let me know it had been fixed. Looks like they added a "Show More" function to keep the screen tidier.

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