It is not currently possible to view full scores from titles contained in the SmartMusic platform. IF available, this feature has tremendous potential under the current circumstances. The ability to 1) view full scores, 2) isolate individual parts, 3) probably MANY other things I can't think of at the moment would be a great benefit during this time of near universal long distance learning. I know in my case particularly, undergraduate students in my instrumental music conducting class could use available scores, along with the recordings already present, to practice without an ensemble and hopefully get feedback from me and/or peers in an online setting. This is of course not an ideal situation..."conducting" a recording, but at this unique time it's a viable option in my opinion. Please, voice your opinion about this option!

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    John Bell

    In my excitement about making this proposal I forgot...THANK YOU for making SmartMusic accessible at this time for music students!

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