Lots of districts in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic are requiring the use of google classroom.  Google Classroom, for all of it's faults, is really a centralized platform that the kids can look at a glnce at what is due.  While they may be able to figure out that they have a playing test on Smart Music, I'm finding the extra step of of then going onto the Smart Music Platform is an issue.


It would be really great if I could do the following.  After I register my students, I want as few steps as possible between a student receiving an assignment on their google classroom and them using Smart Music to complete the assignment.


I have some web dev chops, so here's what I would like as technically as possible.


#1)  Teacher creates an assignment and copies a dynamically generated link to that assignment.  This assignment may or may not be associated with any specific students.  If it is associated with specific students, anyone can click the link, but you'll get redirected.

#2)  Using that link effectively launches smart music with an intent to get the student to the assignment. prompting them to log in if necessary. The assignment the student selects is now associated with their account.  If the student selected the wrong assignment, they would just go back to their google classroom page and select the right assignment, or in the future, the teacher could associate these assignment links to students.


TL:DR  I want to be able to generate links to assignments that directly take students to assignments so I can post those links on other platforms.


I just want as few steps as possible between a student logging into their computer every day and then getting their assignment.  The extra step of going to smart music, believe it or not, is a huge issue for my younger students.


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    Danilo Mezzadri

    I noticed that when I create a content, in my case a set of scales, and try to create a public link to share with all my students in the class, no link is actually created. I am having to privately share each set of scales with each student individually. On top of that I have to type their email addresses individually. No copy and paste ability for multiple addresses. This is becoming a major source of frustration. Am I the only one having this kind of problem? 

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    Elden Seta

    Yes I’m trying to do the same thing. it would be so much easier for the students no doubt

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