It would be great to be able to open Practice Analysis and have all the students who used SM for any amount of time in the date range to appear in a column on the main screen that shows all activity. Having to go through each class, then select each student is too time consuming for regular usage. I think it would be okay to have to select the particular class, and then the students who used it show up in a column.

My situation is an elementary instrumental teacher with 400 students at five schools.  I love to list "top practicers" at each school, but it takes me away from other important work to be able to provide this information to my students.




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    Edward Foster

    I recently posted to the Facebook group about this, and was recommended to come here and upvote and comment- here is my post:


    Feature Request: Grid View for Practice Analytics

    I would love to see a grid view of each class, students in rows, days of the week as columns, and the boxes of the grids showing if a student as practiced. Empty box, no practice. Filled in box? Practiced. I could perhaps then click to see more details per student.

    Currently I have to click "next" a good number of times to view each student of my 280. A little tedious; I'm using this as one method of "attendance" and the grid view would be so much of a time-saver.

    Would anyone else like this feature? Any other thoughts on the subject?

    Thank you!

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    Being able to have the practice report be graded in the grade book would be great.


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