Music created in Compose/.xml, need dynamic playback initiated for alterations such as a rit. or accel.

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    David Woodard

    I just created an account for the New SmartMusic after allowing my old acct to expire as I 'retired' almost 10 years ago.

    Am trying out the New SmartMusic as I try to find ways to best record Euphonium Tracks for Music composed in Finale. 

    In my first attempt, I was easily able to download my composition to the New SmartMusic via MusicXML and it played very nicely, even added breaths, which I didn't really include beyond Phrase Markings via Slurs, though a bit sudden without tapering, otherwise, this was a pleasant surprise, but the Ritardando which works very nicely in Finale does not happen in SmartMusic.

    Andre, I am not sure if this kind of thing is what you meant but will see if someone replies.

    If so, Setting up Mic for use with Windows 10 Laptop and a Blue Tooth Headphone-with Mic, How do I use the Headphones to listen while recording via my computer's Mic???,  I have sent a help request via SmartMusic Help, will see where I get a helpful answer first.

    I found some old smartmusic mics in my basement today, will try those and see what happens.



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