I read this post requesting a feature so it would be possible to create links to assignments in SmartMusic so that, as teachers, we could post assignments in Google Classroom/Canvas as a link. Then, when students click the link, it would prompt the SmartMusic app to open to that assignment. 

My district just bought SmartMusic subscriptions for all of our students. I have used it before but not in the new platform and I have not created and assigned specific assignments.

We use Canvas in our district and I was hoping that there would be some "create link to this assignment" feature, but just looking around, it seems there is not. Please tell me I'm wrong... Is there a way to link assignments to an external platform?


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    Neil Delson

    I would be interested in this feature as well, but I have not seen a way to do this. 

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    Stephan Labelle

    100% to this! This is extremely necessary!

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