I read this post requesting a feature so it would be possible to create links to assignments in SmartMusic so that, as teachers, we could post assignments in Google Classroom/Canvas as a link. Then, when students click the link, it would prompt the SmartMusic app to open to that assignment. 

My district just bought SmartMusic subscriptions for all of our students. I have used it before but not in the new platform and I have not created and assigned specific assignments.

We use Canvas in our district and I was hoping that there would be some "create link to this assignment" feature, but just looking around, it seems there is not. Please tell me I'm wrong... Is there a way to link assignments to an external platform?


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    Neil Delson

    I would be interested in this feature as well, but I have not seen a way to do this. 

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    Stephan Labelle

    100% to this! This is extremely necessary!

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    Lorrina Allred

    It doesn't exist!  I've looked into it.  I don't know if Canvas has to approve it as an external site like they do with Nearpod or Flipgrid, or if it can come from SmartMusic.  It would be great if it were part of Canvas like the other programs mentioned.

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