As many schools have moved to remote learning for the 2020/21 school year and look to online learning tools such as SmartMusic, we have seen an extreme influx of contacts to our sales and support departments, resulting in significant delays in our response time. Although we have always prided ourselves on guaranteeing response times of a business day or less, our first-reply times, in some cases, are ranging from one to three weeks.


We know that regardless of any circumstances causing these delays, it doesn’t change the fact that if you hit a roadblock, you need assistance ASAP and our current delays are causing frustrations during the critical back to school period. Here is how we are working to address this:


  • We are actively adjusting how our agents balance their time to help them respond more quickly to online support requests, as these make up the vast majority of our contacts.
  • We have been working to streamline the process behind activating new subscriptions to help get new users up and running faster.
  • We have recently doubled the size of our Support team. Our new agents are currently in training and will begin responding to customers very soon.


One result of these changes is temporarily restricting how much of our team’s collective bandwidth is dedicated to real-time phone support. That said, as our newly-expanded team makes progress with our current backlog, we will restore SmartMusic phone support to its usual scope when we are able to do so successfully.


As a reminder, our forums are intended for peer-to-peer discussion among SmartMusic users. Although we do read every post, our support team will not typically be able to reply to support requests made on these forums. 


Thank you for your continued patience.


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