Right now grading takes a lot longer than it needs to. Here are my suggestions for speeding up the workflow.
1 - Don't load the backing track. Why is this necessary? It adds loading time and the only option you have is to listen to student recorded audio anyways.
2 - After grading, automatically move on to the next assignment. Why should I have to wait for the assignment I just graded to reload and then also have to click the next button?
3 - Why is there a button to start grading that opens up options? I'm on the page, obviously I want to grade. Get rid of that mouse click!

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    d w

    They need to fix the gradebook. All of my students do not show although they are on the roster and did the assignment. I have been waiting for days for assistance. I have put in a ticket and commented in a Facebook message to Smartmusic. This slows me down. I have to log into multiple students individual accounts to see if the did it but I cannot grade it. This is unacceptable!

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