I have a student who was added late to the class and I did not click the option that doesn't add all the assignments to late add students. Is there a way to remove some of the assignments for that student? They play alto and they've been assigned percussion exercises! 


Thank you!


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    I have the exact same issue, only you stated it better than I would have.  However, I was not even aware that there was an option to select for adding previous assignments to late-add students.  For my students who have recently created been added to my class, EVERY single assignment I have EVER given to ALL students in the WHOLE class is showing up both in my grade book grid and in their homepage "Assignments Due" box.  Most of them are way over their head for skills.

    Who can tell us what to do what to do?

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    Kristie Otto

    I agree, it would be nice to be able to remove a student from an assignment.

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    We are delivered!  I sent a service request via email on Friday, and Stacey L. replied to me the same day.  This issue is a known bug which they are feverishly working on.  Essentially, to edit the assignment to remove any students, we have to go through the "student selection" screen twice.

    In the absence of "official" guidance from SM on this edit task, I am posting here a cut-and-paste of her email.  I am here to tell you IT WORKS !!!    I recently had three students enroll in my class, and all three were assigned every assignment ever given to all the other students.  It took about an hour, but with Stacey's procedure I cleaned everything up and we are primed to move ahead.

    May I further suggest toggling the "Include late enrolled students" checkbox, leaving it WHITE (UNchecked) on any edited AS WELL AS any future assignments ~ this avoids the need for this editing process, but if you forget to do it like Elizabeth did, you now have a safety net.

    I hope I am not revealing any SM proprietary secrets, but if you are having this issue, here is the solution.  I wonder why this simple process isn't posted in a more prominent place on the Help desk, at the top of the FAQs perhaps.  

    At any rate, pay particular attention to Step 3 and Step 5:

    "I am happy to help with this. There is a bug that we are working to solve with that feature, so it's not very intuitive at the moment

    1. In the gradebook, click the pencil icon for the assignment and choose Edit timeline and students.
    2. Choose Assign to some students.
    3. *Key workaround step: the first time, click the Cancel button.
    4. Next to Assign to some students, you'll see that the blue text updated to show 0 selected. Click the blue text to bring up the student list again.
    5. This time, select all students to receive the assignment. (Select all students who you want to be included--both those who already had it and those who are being added. Leave deselected any students you want to remove from the assignment. Be careful--removing a student who has already submitted will delete their submission.)
    6. Click Add students. Click OK.
    7. Assuming the number of selected students in the blue text is correct, click the blue arrow at the top-right corner to complete the process."


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