In SmartMusic Classic, I loved the ability to quickly zoom in and out on music using Ctrl + and Ctrl - (or Cmd + and Cmd - on a Mac) keyboard shortcuts.

The the New SmartMusic, having some easy shortcut would be way easier than navigating to the display menu and clicking on the zoom buttons.  (When I am using the program while teaching students, every second counts, and I find it way too clunky to navigate to a different menu and then click on the zoom buttons.)

On a related note, what is the deal with all of the unused space around the sheet of music?  Zooming could be much further improved by enabling the sheet of music to take up the entire width of the screen.


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    I have a student with a very wide screen but it isn’t tall... maybe 16:9 ratio? We are constantly frustrated that the music can’t fit the width. Having a 3:4 ratio visual format only works for iPads in portrait mode.

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    Cynthia Gonzales

    Great idea!

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    Emanuele Sellitri

    I agree. In the space around the paper, however, it would be crucial for the cover image of the assignment to appear. 1000 times I opened favorite pages with no chance to find the name of the piece. If you can't position the score title page image, you could add a button pointing to the song's location in the library.

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