Just went into a Gariboldi Etude book for some flute research for sight reading and practice.  You can only call up one page/etude to use and then you have to go back to the Search/Find page to re-open the same book to get to another exercise.  Also for this book and others like it, the etudes are sorted by first digit in the number so Etude 2 is AFTER all of the etudes that have a one as the first digit, which is not the actual order.  This parallels the mixed up process of specifying an instrument to look up for music that is different than your personal list.  Your personal list first instrument will always be the default instrument chosen for the piece of music despite your choice to look up a different instrument's music for research for teaching, or for a multi-instrumentalist.  It wastes a lot of time and if corrected, would probably save coding volume and improve efficiency.

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    Jack Wise

    You can probably fix the page/etude sorting on the list by putting a space in front of the single digit titles, (space) !, (space) 2, etc.  The mis-sorting is a common error by those semi-skilled doing data entry via some platforms.

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