Feel free to add any feature that is not listed on Collaborative Product Roadmap. We'll consider any highly voted new request.

Please Vote! Created
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Feature Request House Rules Created
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Learning Management Systems (LMS) Updated
None 44 comments 10 votes
MP3 uploads James O'Rourke Updated
None 23 comments 21 votes
The ability to have multiple teachers view a single class Jim Jolley Updated
None 16 comments 31 votes
Feature Requests Mass List Tom Shuman Updated
None 14 comments 12 votes
Mic sensitivity Alex Teater Updated
None 12 comments 16 votes
Students and Teachers should be able to mix in accompaniment track when playing back a take Bnoffsinger Updated
None 10 comments 13 votes
Bluetooth Headphones Emily Caravella Updated
None 9 comments 3 votes
Missing Frank Ticheli! Connor Utegg Updated
None 8 comments 8 votes
Choose what you want to be the Accompaniment!!! charlie.woodward Updated
None 8 comments 5 votes
Voice Count-off from SM Classic Missing Jim Kulpa Updated
None 8 comments 18 votes
Sound Innovations - Blake Jancius Updated
None 7 comments 3 votes
Current List of Wants for New SmartMusic Holdenm Updated
None 7 comments 13 votes
Changing Octave Korey Coffer Updated
None 7 comments 10 votes
Connect via Google and Google Classroom Vito Pellitteri Updated
None 7 comments 25 votes
Sign-Up Process Teachers, Parents and Students Mark White Updated
None 7 comments 20 votes
Pitch reference before starting exercise Mike Divelbiss Updated
None 6 comments 1 vote
Student Access to Uploaded Content Andrew Scherer Updated
None 6 comments 9 votes
Eliminate Mic Check Every Assignment Tyler Nettestad Updated
None 6 comments 20 votes
Reseting Student Passwords from the Teacher Admin Page Anmitchell Updated
None 6 comments 20 votes
Editing Tempo on assignments Christopher Carl Updated
None 6 comments 17 votes
SM for smartphones Jared Ross Updated
None 6 comments 9 votes
Assignments in number order Leslie Cohen Updated
None 6 comments 6 votes
Conversion of Classic SMPX to new Web-based John McLellan Updated
None 5 comments 5 votes
Give access to students accounts to fix pass word etc. Rhogeveen Updated
None 5 comments 8 votes
Grading - Time saver!!! Blake Jancius Updated
None 5 comments 15 votes
comment notification Nancy Rowe Updated
None 5 comments 14 votes
Gradebook - teacher marks & re-submit Blake Jancius Updated
None 5 comments 10 votes
Late Assignments and Email Notifications Andrew Scherer Updated
None 5 comments 7 votes