Feel free to add any feature that is not listed on Collaborative Product Roadmap. We'll consider any highly voted new request.

Please Vote! Created
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Feature Request House Rules Created
None 0 comments 1 vote
The ability to have multiple teachers view a single class Jim Jolley Updated
None 16 comments 31 votes
Connect via Google and Google Classroom Vito Pellitteri Updated
None 7 comments 25 votes
MP3 uploads James O'Rourke Updated
None 23 comments 21 votes
Eliminate Mic Check Every Assignment Tyler Nettestad Updated
None 6 comments 20 votes
Reseting Student Passwords from the Teacher Admin Page Anmitchell Updated
None 6 comments 20 votes
Sign-Up Process Teachers, Parents and Students Mark White Updated
None 7 comments 20 votes
change or edit instruments Scott M Herman Updated
None 5 comments 19 votes
Creating student accounts - Mass Import from spreadsheet Daniel Foster Updated
None 3 comments 19 votes
Voice Count-off from SM Classic Missing Jim Kulpa Updated
None 8 comments 18 votes
Editing Tempo on assignments Christopher Carl Updated
None 6 comments 17 votes
Organize assignments in Gradebook Julie Renne Updated
None 4 comments 17 votes
Mic sensitivity Alex Teater Updated
None 12 comments 16 votes
Grading - Time saver!!! Blake Jancius Updated
None 5 comments 15 votes
Edit Uploaded Content After Assigning Andrew Scherer Updated
None 3 comments 15 votes
comment notification Nancy Rowe Updated
None 5 comments 14 votes
Pass-Off System Jared Ross Updated
None 4 comments 14 votes
too many instruments when a STUDENT OPENS Blake Jancius Updated
None 4 comments 13 votes
Current List of Wants for New SmartMusic Holdenm Updated
None 7 comments 13 votes
Students and Teachers should be able to mix in accompaniment track when playing back a take Bnoffsinger Updated
None 10 comments 13 votes
Feature Requests Mass List Tom Shuman Updated
None 14 comments 12 votes
Multiple Submissions Ryan Webb Updated
None 3 comments 12 votes
Gradebook - teacher marks & re-submit Blake Jancius Updated
None 5 comments 10 votes
Learning Management Systems (LMS) Updated
None 44 comments 10 votes
choosing your range in scales James O'Rourke Updated
None 2 comments 10 votes
Changing Octave Korey Coffer Updated
None 7 comments 10 votes
Exercises PDF Brian Parker Updated
None 2 comments 9 votes
Student Access to Uploaded Content Andrew Scherer Updated
None 6 comments 9 votes
Practice Analysis CIS Bands Updated
None 2 comments 9 votes