This is the official SmartMusic roadmap. Don't hesitate to comment on it. IN PROGRESS features are either under development or expected to be developed in the short-term. Other mentioned features are expected to be developed in the mid-term. If any feature is not included, please use the Additional Feature Requests forum.

Link Common exercises in Method Books Daniel Foster Updated
Planned 1 comment 8 votes
Instrument List - Score Order Instead of Alphabetical Joc Heckman Updated
Completed 5 comments 15 votes
Adjusting Tempo should be easier Jason Chuong Updated
Completed 4 comments 7 votes
"My Part" OFF in assignment parameters Leslie Cohen Updated
None 6 comments 8 votes
Include accompaniment when uploading MusicXML files Ppierce Updated
Planned 22 comments 15 votes
Accessibility for students with color blindness JMandel Updated
None 3 comments 0 votes
Gradebook Set Up Apply to All Classes Mandy Mullett Updated
Planned 5 comments 13 votes
Subdivision of Beat Rmaxwell Updated
Completed 6 comments 8 votes
Generate Practice Reports Rmaxwell Updated
Completed 34 comments 21 votes
Teacher should be able to use a "guest" student in its classroom Updated
None 6 comments 14 votes
Teacher and Student should be able to see online reports. Updated
None 8 comments 15 votes
Musician should be able to select the playback of My Part: Notated Instrument or Piano. Updated
None 5 comments 3 votes
Musician should be able to trigger a metronome and a tuner outside of sheet music. Updated
None 9 comments 24 votes
Teacher should be able to organize Assignment Templates into Units. Updated
Planned 19 comments 21 votes