This is the official SmartMusic roadmap. Don't hesitate to comment on it. IN PROGRESS features are either under development or expected to be developed in the short-term (2-5 weeks). Other mentioned features are expected to be developed in the mid-term (6-12 weeks). If any feature is not included, please use the Additional Feature Requests forum.

Clear Scoring when repeating Bstover Updated
Completed 3 comments 7 votes
Export Gradebook Johann Sletto Updated
Completed 2 comments 3 votes
Changing Due Dates on Assignments Mandy Mullett Updated
Completed 3 comments 4 votes
Late assignments need better visibility for students. Bstover Updated
Completed 5 comments 9 votes
Link Common exercises in Method Books Daniel Foster Updated
Planned 1 comment 6 votes
Teacher should be able to pin a method book to a given class. Updated
Completed 17 comments 15 votes
Adjusting Tempo should be easier Jason Chuong Updated
Completed 1 comment 7 votes
Gradebook Averages Don't include NON-Submitted Assignments Gibsonm Updated
Completed 2 comments 2 votes
Include accompaniment when uploading MusicXML files Ppierce Updated
Planned 11 comments 10 votes
Accessibility for students with color blindness JMandel Updated
None 3 comments 0 votes
Assignment default date Darren Kitsch Updated
Completed 4 comments 0 votes
Accessing SM through app Glick Updated
Completed 3 comments 3 votes
Counting in Emily Willmon Updated
Completed 2 comments 6 votes
Teacher should be able to cycle between instruments without leaving song page Eric Turner Updated
Completed 2 comments 5 votes
Start Assignments the same Day Trevor Shiffermiller Updated
Completed 3 comments 11 votes
Deleting assignments stgmusic1 Updated
Completed 22 comments 15 votes
Grade Book interface should have a spreadsheet view option John Merz Updated
Completed 10 comments 17 votes
Allow students to select their part (ie violin 1 or violin 2) for each assignment. Jason Burdett Updated
Completed 5 comments 11 votes
Please allow alphabetical sorting of last names in the grade book. Jason Burdett Updated
Completed 1 comment 8 votes
The ability delete classes and assignments + remove students from classes Arthur Borges Updated
Completed 43 comments 43 votes
Playing method book exercises one after another Karen Straus Updated
Completed 18 comments 9 votes
Editing profiles in New Smart Music Tpmorris Updated
Completed 8 comments 4 votes
Scales and Exercises Dan Methe Updated
Completed 7 comments 16 votes
Unlink Assignment Dates Rmaxwell Updated
Completed 6 comments 4 votes
Late Enrolled Students Rmaxwell Updated
Completed 36 comments 31 votes
Assign multiple classes at once Rmaxwell Updated
Completed 10 comments 24 votes
Generate Practice Reports Rmaxwell Updated
Planned 26 comments 19 votes
Teacher and Student should be able to use sight reading exercices Updated
Completed 6 comments 7 votes
Teacher should be able to use a "guest" student in its classroom Updated
None 6 comments 12 votes
Teacher and Student should be able to use a grading scale and a grading calendar. Updated
Completed 4 comments 4 votes