This is the official SmartMusic roadmap. Don't hesitate to comment on it. IN PROGRESS features are either under development or expected to be developed in the short-term. Other mentioned features are expected to be developed in the mid-term. If any feature is not included, please use the Additional Feature Requests forum.

Students should see reassigned assignments on home page Mark White Updated
Completed 3 comments 8 votes
Grade Book: Freeze Column & Row Blake Jancius Updated
Completed 5 comments 6 votes
see ALL classes in tab: scroll bar NEEDED Blake Jancius Updated
Completed 2 comments 4 votes
Pinned Book Blake Jancius Updated
Planned 6 comments 16 votes
Instrument List - Score Order Instead of Alphabetical Joc Heckman Updated
Completed 5 comments 15 votes
Adjusting Tempo should be easier Jason Chuong Updated
Completed 4 comments 7 votes
Filter Music by Ensemble Type Francis Caravella Updated
Planned 11 comments 11 votes
Delete Assignment Template Sean Millard Updated
None 10 comments 20 votes
Display only assignments from current term in gradebook view William Goetz Updated
Completed 10 comments 12 votes
"My Part" OFF in assignment parameters Leslie Cohen Updated
None 11 comments 15 votes
Include accompaniment when uploading MusicXML files Paul Pierce Updated
Completed 36 comments 20 votes
add a part 1, 2, 3 feature, up load XML accompaniment score Jcannon Updated
Completed 5 comments 7 votes
Upload Scores rather than Parts Heather Fortune Updated
Completed 22 comments 18 votes
Accessibility for students with color blindness JMandel Updated
None 3 comments 0 votes
Gradebook Set Up Apply to All Classes Mandy Mullett Updated
Completed 5 comments 14 votes
Link Common exercises in Method Books Daniel Foster Updated
None 2 comments 8 votes
Display Rhythm Assessment Stephan Labelle Updated
Planned 5 comments 18 votes
Subdivision of Beat Rmaxwell Updated
Completed 6 comments 8 votes
Generate Practice Reports Rmaxwell Updated
Completed 40 comments 21 votes
Teacher should be able to use a "guest" student in its classroom Updated
None 6 comments 15 votes
Teacher and Student should be able to see online reports. Updated
None 12 comments 17 votes
Musician should be able to select the playback of My Part: Notated Instrument or Piano. Updated
None 5 comments 4 votes
Musician should be able to trigger a metronome and a tuner outside of sheet music. Updated
None 9 comments 27 votes
Teacher should be able to organize Assignment Templates into Units. Updated
Completed 30 comments 23 votes