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Pitch reference before starting exercise Mike Divelbiss Updated
None 7 comments 0 votes
Export audio from New Smart Music Request Daniel Healton Updated
None 7 comments 9 votes
Add Method Book to Favorites Chris Vanderwall Updated
None 6 comments 8 votes
Pinning the Method Books to the Teacher's Dashboard. Elena Rojas Crocker Updated
None 6 comments 12 votes
Unit Organization Christopher Meunier Updated
None 6 comments 9 votes
Mark for Assignments Completed Late Dan Connolly Updated
None 6 comments 14 votes
PLEASE bring back searchable Units! Jeff Engholm Updated
None 5 comments 3 votes
Conversion of Classic SMPX to new Web-based John McLellan Updated
None 5 comments 0 votes
Multiple Submissions ryan.webb Updated
None 5 comments 4 votes
Student View Feature Needed Laura Bock Updated
None 4 comments 5 votes
Missing "Recommended Music" feature Whitney Tandon Updated
None 4 comments 8 votes
Múltiple assignments from one method book Ignacio Gonzalez Updated
None 4 comments 10 votes
Save takes between sessions Karl Stein Updated
None 4 comments 11 votes
Rubank Intermediate Method Michael Iapicca Updated
None 4 comments 6 votes
Scale accompaniment Marla Ulrich Updated
None 4 comments 4 votes
Allow users to use SM off-line Frank Judnich Updated
None 4 comments 11 votes
Award for high scores Julie Renne Updated
None 4 comments 1 vote
Stop using drop-down menus when assigning method book exercises Raymond Castleberry Updated
None 4 comments 0 votes
As Admin, I want to see list of all students enrolled Cecelia Peterson Updated
None 4 comments 3 votes
Zoom Shortcuts Thomas Davidson Updated
None 3 comments 5 votes
Vote for easy access to assignments in the gradebook! Rick Fitzke Updated
None 3 comments 5 votes
Make Units Sharable Between Teachers Leo Werner Updated
None 3 comments 5 votes
Practice Analysis View Charles Berry Updated
None 3 comments 6 votes
Export and Combine All Student Submissions ANDREAS BERKO Updated
None 3 comments 3 votes
Log in with Google Eric Posner Updated
None 3 comments 26 votes
Gradebook Dennis Crystal Updated
None 3 comments 6 votes
Suzuki Guitar Book 1 Andrew Arriaga Updated
None 3 comments 3 votes
Grade Book Management Scott Sampson Updated
None 3 comments 3 votes
None 3 comments 7 votes
Mass Deletion of Assignments Leahya Updated
None 3 comments 2 votes