MakeMusic Cloud currently provides Single Sign-On (SSO) integrations for Google, Schoology, and Canvas. Although we do not currently have an official SSO integration with Clever, some schools may be able to make use of the SSO (Saved Passwords) application provided by Clever for login to MakeMusic Cloud.


According to Clever's documentation, SSO (Saved Passwords) applications are apps that don't currently have a rostering or SSO integration with Clever, but can still be accessed via SSO through Clever Portal. With the SSO (Saved Passwords) option, user accounts are not synced to the app by Clever. This means that users must create accounts in MakeMusic Cloud directly in advance. Clever will securely store these credentials so district users are logged into MakeMusic Cloud automatically via single sign-on through Clever.


See Creating an Account and Joining a Class for student instructions to create an account, which must be done prior to using SSO through Clever.


Since the SSO (Saved Passwords) application is a service provided by Clever, not by MakeMusic, school districts must configure the application per the instructions provided by Clever and contact Clever support if assistance is needed. Refer to the following Clever support articles.

Users who are able to login directly to MakeMusic Cloud at but are unable to login via Clever SSO should contact Clever for support.


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