Please read the below FAQ - if you still have questions, please reach out to for clarification.


How does the discount work/what are the prices?

By making a commitment to purchase MakeMusic Cloud subscriptions annually for a period of two or three years, you will secure a discount on the annual price of those subscriptions at time of purchase, as indicated below:

  • 2-year commitment: 15% off each subscription for two years
  • 3-year commitment: 25% off each subscription for three years

*Note that the discount also applies to Print Add-Ons.


Is there a minimum amount that must be purchased in order to qualify for these discounts?

Any bulk purchase qualifies for the discounts. Bulk pricing is available when you purchase 20 or more subscriptions, with a minimum of one teacher. If your program experiences a drop in enrollment between years, you can reduce your subscription quantity by a maximum of 10%.


Does this lock in the discount or the price (or both)?

This locks in the discount rate per year’s total subscriptions, not the individual pricing per subscription.


Will my school/district be required to pay for multiple years up front?

Paying for multiple years up front is not required. When you commit to purchasing subscriptions for 2+ years, we will coordinate with you annually to renew your discounted subscriptions. While paying up front for multiple years is not required, it is possible. Please see the next point for more details.


Is there a further discount for paying up front?

There is no further discount for paying up front; however, paying up front locks in the percentage discount, subscription price at time of purchase, and subscription quantities. You will not be impacted by any future subscription price increases that occur within the duration of your commitment, but subscription quantities may not be reduced after the 30-day return period.

If you are interested in paying for multiple years up front, you must contact our team at for appropriate order processing.


If we want to commit for more than 3 years, are we entitled to an additional discount?

No, the maximum discount is 25% regardless of how long your subscription commitment lasts. If you desire to make a subscription commitment for longer than 3 years, please contact


If we have previously received a quote with multi-year pricing, is it still valid?

Yes. Please reach out to with the quote number, and we will issue you an updated quote.


What if my school/district wants to change subscription quantity mid-year?

Any additional seats will receive the same multi-year discount and also be prorated through the end of the current year's subscriptions.


At renewal time, you may reduce up to 10% of your existing subscriptions, as long as your remaining subscription total meets the bulk purchase threshold. Reductions may only occur between subscription periods. Unused subscriptions will not be eligible for roll-over from one subscription period to the next, nor will they be eligible for refund after the initial 30-day return period.


For any subscription quantity changes, please contact


What happens if I cannot complete my multi-year commitment?

If you want to cancel your multi-year commitment, you need to notify us in writing at least 60 days in advance of the current subscription period’s expiration date, providing a reason for the cancellation. For more information, please see item 9 in our terms of service.


Will the 30-day return policy apply to multi-year commitments?

Yes, in year 1. See the above question.





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