Once you've joined a class, you are able to receive your teacher's assignments. Assignments are graded by your teacher, and details about the assignment, including your grade and feedback, are sent back to you to help you learn and grow as a musician. Watch the video or read the article below to learn how to complete an assignment.



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Find your available assignments on your home screen by choosing a class with "Pending" assignments shown.



Step 1: open an assignment and read the instructions.


Choose the assignment you with to play and click Start.



A window appears asking you to select your part. Choose your instrument from the Instrument drop-down menu and click Okay.




The assignment appears, along with the instructions for that assignment.  




You can check the instructions at any time by selecting Assessment. The Assessment details appear. Select the See Instructions button.




There is a lot you can do within the assignment, including playback, zooming, adjusting track volume and more. For more information on your options for playing and practicing music, see this article.


Your assignment requires that you start at a specific location (and sometimes tempo) defined by your teacher. Any measures that you are not assigned to play are grayed out. 



Step 2: (vocal assignments only) listen to arpeggio and starting pitch.


In vocal assignments select starting_pitch_button.png to hear an arpeggio in the key of the assignment and the starting pitch at the cursor position before you begin recording your take. For sight-singing exercises the arpeggio and starting pitch will sound automatically after selecting Start once the microphone calibration is successful.





Step 3: select the record button.


Select the red record button. If you do not have the correct tempo, an exclamation point appears over the record button. 




A warning appears to let you know that you need to adhere to your assignment's location and tempo instructions if you want to be able to submit the take to your teacher. Select Reset to assigned settings and continue recording to start the recording at the correct location for your assignment. Select Continue anyway with recording if you want to record a take that does not qualify for assessment or submission to your teacher. Select Cancel to return to the practice application without recording a take.





Step 4: calibrate your microphone.


After selecting Reset to assigned settings and continue recording, the Calibrate Microphone window appears. The first time you start a take, the Prepare to record dialog box appears. Follow the onscreen instructions. Make sure your speakers' volume is loud enough so that your microphone picks up the test tone. Select Test your microphone




If SmartMusic encounters a problem, follow the onscreen instructions to troubleshoot the issue or contact our Customer Success Team. 




When your microphone has been successfully calibrated, Select Start practicing





Step 5: record your performance.


Once the calibration has finished, the count-off automatically begins and you can start recording your performance. The playback cursor shows where you are in the music. If at any point you want to stop the recording, click the stop button.





Step 6: review SmartMusic's assessment of your performance.


Green noteheads indicate that the correct pitch was played at the correct time. Red noteheads indicate incorrect timing or pitch. The vertical placement of a red notehead on the staff indicates the pitch that was played. If you'd like to playback your recorded take, click the playback recording button.




If you would like to review the assessment for a take with a repeated section, click anywhere within the repeat. The one_and_two.png icon appears. Click one.png to display the assessment for the first repeat and two.png to display the assessment for the second repeat. The selected icon turns yellow and the green and red notes change to reflect the selected repeat.  




You can review your recorded takes under My Takes. SmartMusic saves the five highest scoring takes and five most recent takes in the drop-down menu under My Takes. Please note that the takes are not saved if you close your browser window.  


Select the take in the drop-down menu to see your red and green note assessment for that take. Click the Save button to download the selected take as a WAV audio file. Click the Delete button to delete the selected take.  



Step 7: submit your assignment to your teacher.


Choose your best take from the My Takes drop-down menu and click Submit.




The Comment Your Submission window appears. Type a comment into the text box if you'd like, and click Process to submit your take (along with the comment) to your teacher.