If you have received the following email stating that a piece has been shared with you, this means that someone has created or uploaded a piece of music in MakeMusic Cloud and is sharing it with you for practice or review.



Simply click Open piece to view and play the document in MakeMusic Cloud. However, to fully take advantage of MakeMusic Cloud's features, such as saving practice takes and saving shared files for future use, we recommend creating a free account by clicking Create an account in the email. 


Opening the shared document will bring you to the MakeMusic Cloud practice app. Learn more about playing and practicing music in MakeMusic Cloud.




Once you have created an account and logged in, you can view and manage files shared with you from the Content Manager. Click the app picker at the top right of any page mceclip2.png and choose Content Manager. Here you will find any documents which have been shared with you, as well as documents you have created yourself, using the Compose tool.



Learn more about sharing your own music with others through MakeMusic Cloud.


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