We have heard your feedback about wanting fewer clicks and easier navigation within SmartMusic, so we have designed a new user-friendly Navigation Menu! You can now easily access any page within SmartMusic by selecting it from the Navigation Menu. 


  • Easy navigation from anywhere in SmartMusic. Use our new Navigation Menu, which appears on all pages within SmartMusic, to easily move to any other page. 
  • Streamlined assignment creation process. Set up your assignment with fewer clicks and get your students practicing faster! As an Educator you also have more control over how your students complete the assignment. You now have the ability to enforce which tracks (Accompaniment, My Part, and Metronome) they use when recording submissions. Check out our Assignment Creation article for all the new features! 
  • New tools for your grading workflow. Our Navigation Menu has made it easier for you to navigate within your Gradebook. Then once you start grading you have greater flexibility in choosing which student to grade next. Check out our Grading article for more information.


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