I feel like the communication between New Smart Music and it's users could be improved by having a list of updates that have been rolled out. We are surprised every few days when a student tells us that something has changed. It would be nice to be able to tell the other students how to handle the change or use it properly so they can be successful. 

Can there be some kind of update log or list made so that we can visit and see what is new each time? Or if it is available, where is it?

We found out the New Smart Music app was available because we were having troubles on an iPad and an employee emailed back saying it was available. Last I heard it was submitted to apple and awaiting approval. 

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    Zack B.

    Hi Bstover,

    Thank you for your feedback regarding updates!  We definitely agree that it is important to communicate the updates we are releasing for the new SmartMusic.  Since September 22nd, we have emailed a bi-weekly newsletter to new SmartMusic users that communicates feature updates, bug fixes, etc.  We just sent the latest one out this afternoon, which includes news about the iPad app being released (among other updates).  

    We do not want users to be caught off-guard by updates (as was your experience), so we will also continue to do our best to update our Communities posts to notify users of updates.  For example, feature requests that we have completed are currently marked with a Completed tag and have been replied to on our Collaborative Product Roadmap forum.  You can quickly see a list of those completed requests by selecting Completed in the Show drop-down menu.

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