Who has access to “My Progress?”

Customers enrolled in a class will see this on their Learn page in the Home section.


What progress is tracked?

Progress is tracked by calculating the time spent recording/playing content in our Practice app in minutes. 

  • Total minutes 
  • Weekly minutes 
  • Daily minutes 
  • Weekly Streak Coming Soon


How can someone progress to the next level?

  • Users progress by playing or recording for the specified time shown in your Progress Card.


How many levels are there?



Is this feature surfaced for teachers?

Only users that are enrolled in a class will access this feature. If a teacher is enrolled in a colleague’s class, then they will see My Progress under the Learn tab on their home page.


Why do I not have any content recommendations?

Our recommendations are based on skill level and the most popular content. If you would like to see recommendations, you may need to change the primary instrument on your account. 



Can I hide this feature?

Yes. You can click the settings icon settings.png on your Progress Card, or go directly to your account details page.



In the My Progress section on the Account Details page, toggle off Homepage to hide the feature from the homepage and Updates to remove any updates about your progress. You can enable any time.



Can I practice any content to increase my level?

Yes, any time spent playing and recording in the practice app will count. You can practice an assignment, content from our catalog, sight-reading exercises, or original compositions from Compose.


Why isn't my progress being tracked when I am practicing by playing/recording content?

First, make sure you are logged in to your account, as this feature only works for accounts that are logged in.  Secondly, ad blockers can disable the feature.  Check for any ad blockers and enable for our site.


I have a feature request for My Progress, how can I get this to the product team?

We’d love to get your feedback about this new feature. To send feedback directly to us, submit a ticket labeled “Feedback/Feature Request” and it will come straight to our inbox. 


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