A class enables Teachers to communicate with and teach students using MakeMusic Cloud. Through classes, teachers gain access to tools in MakeMusic Cloud that achieve, track, and present student growth. Set up a class to create assignments for students, grade assignments, and include targeted feedback. 


To create a class, log into and select Classes. The Classes page appears. Select Create a Class.




The Create your class page appears. If you are connected to a MakeMusic Cloud platform (usually a school or school district), you can choose to link the new class to the platform here. Linking to the platform will allow you to utilize any Student seats purchased by the platform and to allocate Print add-on subscriptions to students.  If you are connected to multiple organizations, select the organization appropriate for this class to connect to.




Class Types

Select Free if you would like to create a free class, which allows you to access and assign free content from the music catalog to your students. Your students do not need subscriptions to join a free class, and they can create a free account to participate.


Select Sight Reading if you want to create a paid class that has access to only Sight Reading Studio, in addition to the free content in the catalog.


Select MakeMusic Cloud to create a paid class with full access to our Music Catalog, Sight Reading Studio, Compose application, and Video Lessons features. A teacher subscription is required to create either a Sight Reading class or a MakeMusic Cloud class. If you are in an active 30-day free trial, creating a class will skip the Class Type selection and automatically select full MakeMusic Cloud access for your Trial class.


Class type KBA updated screenshot.png

When you select the Sight Reading or MakeMusic Cloud class types, you can choose if you would like your organization to provide the student subscriptions, or if your students will pay for their own subscriptions. Inviting students to your student-funded class will allow them to purchase a Sight Reading Studio subscription for $19.99, or a MakeMusic Cloud Student subscription at the $29.99 organizational price. For more on creating Student-Funded classes, check out: Creating a Student-Funded Class.


To create an Org-funded class, your organization must have student subscriptions available. If you are not connected to an organization, you may create Free or Student-funded classes.





Once you select a free class or a funding type, the class details will appear below. Enter your Class name and your Teacher display name. When you have entered all the necessary information, select Create Class.








Invite new and previously enrolled Students to join your class by following the instructions in our Adding Students to your class and Enrolling previous Students into your class articles.


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