Watch the video or read the article below to learn how to retake an assignment.



How to redo an assignment

If a teacher would like you to redo an assignment, they have the option to reassign it to you. Assignments that need to be redone are found under Assignments Due on the Dashboard.



Select Redo to open the reassigned assignment. Or, select the comment bubble to view your previous submission and your teacher's comments.


The reassigned assignment appears. Follow the instructions in the Completing an assignment article to submit the reassigned assignment.


How to view previous submissions


If an assignment has been reassigned more than once, you can view your previous submission comments, your teacher's previous submission comments, and MakeMusic Cloud's assessment of previous submissions.


You can view previous submissions by navigating to the Dashboard (click the Home button) and selecting View All next to "Assignments Due".



From there, locate your assignment in the list that appears and select it. The submission page appears.


Click the box with the recording date and status to select a previous take from the dropdown menu.



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