Within SmartMusic there are different roles and levels of access. Learn about role and how to manage access for your SmartMusic platform here.



Administrator Access


The main purpose of the Administrator role is to manage the SmartMusic platform. Creating an account with only Administrator access does not take up any paid seats on the SmartMusic platform. This means that school administrators, department chairs, or technical support teams have easy access to view and edit access for all users on the SmartMusic platform. It is possible to connect to SmartMusic as both an Administrator and an Educator.


An Administrator can view all current Administrators and invite users to connect as Administrators. Administrators can also view all current Educators, invite new Educators, and edit Educator access


Administrators have oversight on all classes created on their SmartMusic platform. This means that Administrators can view classes created by Educators, as well as the Students who are enrolled in those classes. Administrators can edit class access and individual Student access.



Educator Access


There are two levels of access available for Educators, Free Access and Full Access.


Free Access Educators can create Free Classes, enroll Free Students, and give assignments that were created from our Free Selections category in SmartMusic. Free Access Educators do not consume a paid Educator seat on the SmartMusic platform. There is no limit to the number of Educators who can connect to a SmartMusic platform with Free Access. 


Full Access Educators can use all the teaching tools available in SmartMusic and, additionally, can create Free or Standard Classes. Full Access Educators can also allocate or deallocate Premium Student Seats. See the Student Access section below for information regarding the different Class and Student Access levels.



Student Access


A Student's access is based on either the type of class that they are enrolled in or the access allocated to them by an Administrator or Educator. Students can be enrolled in multiple classes with different access levels. A Student will only ever consume one seat. The seat consumed will be the highest access level to which the Student is connected. There are four different access levels for Students: Free, Standard, and Premium.


Free Access is given to Students only enrolled in Free Classes. Students with this access level can open content on their own from the Free Selections category of the SmartMusic library or have content from the Free Selections category assigned to them.


 Standard Access is given to Students enrolled in Standard Classes. Students with this access level can open content on their own from the Free Selections and Method Book categories of the SmartMusic library. Students with Standard Access can also be assigned any content from the SmartMusic Library or any Uploaded Content. Student-Funded classes can only have Standard Access.


Premium Access is different from the other student access levels in that it is tied to the Student. This means that Students are allocated Premium Access by an Educator or Administrator. Students with Premium Access can enroll in Standard, or Free Classes. Premium Access Students can also open any title in the SmartMusic library on their own.


Students with a Premium subscription can join Student-Funded classes, explore, and open any title from the SmartMusic library on their own. Students can purchase Premium access on their own



Platform Details


To access an overview of all seats on the SmartMusic platform use select the Navigation Icon nav_icon_dashboard.png and choose Admin. The Platform page appears. Under each access level the number of used seats and available seats appears.