Classic had a feature that allowed me to delete multiple assignments at once, but the new version is really cumbersome. It has to be one assignment at a time, and not only do you have to click the edit button, then delete, then confirm, but you have to confirm AGAIN by typing the word "DELETE" (and yes, it has to be in all caps).

I understand making sure people aren't deleting assignments unintentionally, but this is crazy. It takes about 20 seconds to delete a single assignment, and when I have multiple assignments to delete, it takes far too long.

Related to this- if I need to change a deadline on an assignment, I can do this BUT why does the assigner automatically default to assigning it to everyone in the class (when originally I had assigned it to a select group)? Since the only variable I was editing on the assignment was the due date, I didn't realize that the assigned students was changing as well until I had changed a dozen assignments. And when I noticed the error, there was no fast way to correct it (see above).

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    Cynthia Gonzales

    Agreed! Deleting an assignment from the gradebook is too cumbersome. 

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