Dear Smart Music,
First I want to thank everyone at MakeMusic for all the hard work put into Smart Music. During these trying times it is a very useful tool for music educators all over the world! Making the app free was a generous act.

I am reaching out to every email address I have for the company in an attempt to off a couple additional ideas for your Smart Music program. I am sure that I am not offering anything new. I fear that music education is going to change in the aftermath of this virus. Smart Music needs to be at the forefront of music education before MUSIC FIRST takes over. I fear that your new version has LOST many customers and will continue to trend downward unless you consider a few changes and additions. Here are my thoughts:

1. Add a video feature like zoom or virtual classroom. If we need to do a virtual concert why not through Smart Music. You can raise the educators price to pay for the service or app. It could be an optional add -on.
2. Incorporate your theory pages from finale. You already have them. If we could send them to our students as an assignment that would be VERY helpful.
3. Put additional resources on the educator's home page. Things like a tune/metronome that we use without having to open a song. A larger field for recently played. The previous three songs is not enough.
4. Please put the assignment in the class window so that we can open them from the educator's page. I would like to see the assignments in the box, be able to open them and use them in my classroom instruction. As of now we either have to make a false/student, enroll them in each class we teach and move back and forth from class to class. Teachers need this on ONE page/place.

I hope this helps. I know that many of my peers are changing to Music First and without some really innovations Smart Music may decline. I still believe in your company and products.
Good luck


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