I am want to assign a series of assignments from one book, that must be done by a certain date. For example sight readings A 1 thru 10 due on May 1st. but without having to assign individually all of the sepárate workshop. Or is you’re working with a certain method bill. Assign multiple home works o a chapter etc.... is this possible?


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    Whitney Tandon

    I too find this incredibly time-consuming, as you have to start all over with searching for the method book for each assignment.  Please adjust this feature!!

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    Ron Mostaard

    I too find this time-consuming,. Please adjust this feature!!

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    Thom Stolar

    Ditto the previous responses. It would be really helpful to be able to assign several exercises from the same method book without having to return to the Method Book Find Music page each time.

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    Emanuele Sellitri

    I totally agree with the other users. You should have activated this feature before launching the New SmartMusic on the market ... you can't expect teachers to spend hours and hours assigning one assignment at a time every evening ...

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