The shared content feature is a step forward, yet with new demands of music teachers under COVID19, I think it is IMPERATIVE that shared content between teachers, includes the option to be assigned to the students of the receiving teacher for this Fall.

Our district has required our PLC to generate shared lesson plans in anticipation of a blended learning plan (some online, and some in person) as well as to prepare for another shutdown. Being able to have teachers in my district create content that can be shared AND then assigned, is essential.


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    Ryan Deignan

    Yes, completely agree. My colleague and I are using SmartMusic for ear training classes at our university. We are uploading sight-reading examples that align with our curriculum. The ability to share AND assign is really the whole point of being able to share original content at all, at least for us. 

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    Richard Robbins

    Agree - please make this happen!! Would be great for school districts and college music departments.

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