Is there a way to make it so that an assignment is "editable" without reassigning the entire assignment? 

I often forget to check "any tempo" and then students are locked into a specific tempo for submission.  The only way to change it, is to create a whole new assignment :-(



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    I echo Eric's request. It would be helpful to be able to edit all of the parameters of an assignment, not just the due date and assigned students.

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    Alison McCarrey


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    Dan Steward

    Yes, teachers should be able to change any parameter of any assignment, especially tempo and assessment points and rubrics.  And why can't you delete an assignment for a specific student via the gradebook, rather than having to go into the assignment and deselect the student, which often doesn't work anyway?

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    Brandon VanDyke

    Yes, this was possible on Classic and needs to be an option on New.

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    Ralph Lange

    Very important. Even better would be a communication between Compose and the Notationprograms we use like between Finale and ClassicSmartMusic. With classic SmartMusic we were able to see what we got in SmartMusic. 

    New SmartMusic lost all those qualities. What a pity. 

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    Put me onboard for allowing removal of an assignment for any specific student.  I had three new students added to my class, and their homepage and my grade book grid both show EVERY assignment for ALL students in the WHOLE class added to the new students.  No way they can sort through that entire list to find the one line appropriate for them and ignore the others.   And I should be able to remove all those extra assignments from them from the grade book grid.  


    MakMusic, please help us?

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    Brandon Winters

    Going off of this. Can you please make it to where it does not auto assign every assignment to any student that joins the class late? For instance I have about 30 assignments in smart music, each student got to choose their own solo and I had to individually assign them. Lets say I have a move in this week, when I add him to our smartmusic class room it will automatically assign him every single persons solo.

    There's no way to delete an assignment for a single person only add for individual students. It makes adjusting our class rosters very difficult. 

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