Feel free to add any feature that is not listed on Collaborative Product Roadmap. We'll consider any highly-voted new request.

Please Vote! Created
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Feature Request House Rules Created
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Learning Management Systems (LMS) Updated
None 57 comments 2 votes
MP3 uploads James O'Rourke Updated
None 52 comments 25 votes
Google Classroom Integration Joel Perkins Updated
None 31 comments 43 votes
Show time worked on assignments Brandon Stover Updated
None 29 comments 23 votes
Email Notifications Loren Lima Updated
None 24 comments 32 votes
Set up LTI with Canvas Jamin Hoffman Updated
None 23 comments 44 votes
Conductor Score View Aaron Warbinek Updated
None 21 comments 27 votes
Bring back key changes for songs Jessica Thurber Updated
None 18 comments 16 votes
Co-teaching cathy_benford Updated
None 18 comments 32 votes
Feature Requests Mass List Tom Shuman Updated
None 14 comments 2 votes
Students should be able to save takes between logging out Brandon Stover Updated
None 14 comments 2 votes
Students and Teachers should be able to mix in accompaniment track when playing back a take Ben Noffsinger Updated
None 14 comments 5 votes
Musician should be able to trigger a metronome and a tuner outside of sheet music. Updated
None 14 comments 5 votes
follow me feature is a must Michael Perkins Updated
None 13 comments 23 votes
comment notification Nancy Rowe Updated
None 13 comments 22 votes
Teacher and Student should be able to see online reports. Updated
None 12 comments 0 votes
Eliminate Mic Check Every Assignment Tyler Nettestad Updated
None 11 comments 3 votes
SM for smartphones Jared Ross Updated
None 11 comments 11 votes
Notify Students of Grading Comments Heather McDonald Updated
None 10 comments 21 votes
Would like to search for music from State Contest lists again Ken Kraut Updated
None 10 comments 5 votes
Choose what you want to be the Accompaniment!!! Charlie Woodward Updated
None 9 comments 3 votes
Voice Count-off from SM Classic Missing Jim Kulpa Updated
None 9 comments 6 votes
Teacher/admin should have complete control over modifying student profile data MICHAEL LABARRE Updated
None 8 comments 10 votes
Fix horrible method book organization and navigation in SM online Chad Criswell Updated
None 8 comments 19 votes
Assign Practice Time like in Classic Smart Music Eric Thornbury Updated
None 8 comments 11 votes
Pin repertoire to classes in New SmartMusic Michael Holden Updated
None 8 comments 12 votes
Teacher should be able to export .mp3 file and .pdf of student graded assignment. Eric Turner Updated
None 8 comments 17 votes
Edit Assignments Eric Thornbury Updated
None 7 comments 13 votes