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Read Before Posting Created
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Contacting SmartMusic Support Created
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Bring back everything from classic Kevin Theriault Updated
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The new smartmusic is a joke compared to the old one. Please discuss Jonathan Gill Updated
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Inadequate/Diminished Library? BENJAMIN RODES Updated
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Incredible Regression of Smartmusic Andrew Cheetham Updated
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Faster way to create assignments? Neil Delson Updated
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Seeing what they practice? Rachel Posteraro Updated
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New prices just priced me out!!! Sue Mark Updated
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Trasnpostion Russ Pedersen Updated
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How in the heck do I get a fermata to playback correcty? Shelli Wiebersch Updated
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In SmartMusic is there a way let students submit a non assigned recording? Sal Spanier Updated
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Practice Analysis Not Working? Glenn Cowen Updated
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Recording Alyssa Kenney Updated
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Bug: 'My Part' plays when opened, despite being disabled. Nicholas Nafpliotis Updated
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Issues with Snare Recognition Ferreira, Lindsey [LC] Updated
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not alphabetized Robert Ward Updated
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New smartmusic in browser is impossible to use, sorry Alessandro Mura Created
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link to assignments? J Janes Updated
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Helpful Shortcut That is Saving Me Time Ryan Kriebel Updated
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How to know if you've graded an assignment in Gradebook STEPHEN ZIMMERMAN Updated
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Bug: My Part plays when opened, despite being disabled. Jeff Engholm Updated
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Microphone Not Working on Older Chromebooks? Adam Harris Updated
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Finding Units and Assignments Lorrina Allred Updated
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Coda Playback in Compose Burton Hable Updated
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Student Not Showing Up in Gradebook Betty Umbro Updated
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All notes showing up as red Stacey Harris Created
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Page formatting lost GREG BULLS Created
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"An error occurred while assigning" Marc Matthews Updated
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Correct the piano pieces. Emanuele Sellitri Updated
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